To BMW or not to BMW - quite yet!


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Hi there,
I've been tempted by a family member's offer of a semi-automatic 2002 330CI Sport convertible. It's done 90,000 miles but comes with a hard top and what seems a full sweet shop selection of goodies, including a TV! I'm not one for usually getting absorbed by cars, but the chance of a soft top has got under even my skin - as you can probably tell by the post! I'm hoping to pick it up for circa £11,000 but am slightly worried about the high milage, although I'm assured it's only recently had something called the 'Service 2'. From all the reviews the car seems a delight, but I'm a bit worried about the possible repair/replacement bills which may start coming my way. I've never really paid out too much for a car before and wondered whether people could advise if they'd consider it a good purchase and if they had any 'nitty gritty' questions I should be posing to the relative - suspension, brakes etc - or will this have been covered in the service? The car has been well looked after and has certainly got me hooked on BMWs, though I don't even own one yet!
Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated. Happy Christmas and have a great 2009! [cheers]