RPM lights/harmon system

I got my M3 about 2 weeks ago, and ever since the lights around the RPMs stop with one notch of orange at 8000 then the 2 red in 9000? I'm pretty sure this is what tells you when the engine is completley heated up, and was wondering if this is normal. I also needed to know if it's easy to fix a rattle with the harmon karter system. The right door has already started rattling. Thanks for any help.


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I am pretty sure that 1 orange remains, as most cars dont just have a red line, they usually have yellow orange a few hundred RPM's before it, but dont take my word for it -- listen to someone who owns an M3. Also, take your car back to the dealer if it has rattles already. You didnt pay extra for the harman/kardon sound system to have it rattle.
Yes, the M3 I have has the RPM lights orange from 7500-8000, and then red 8000-9000. Thats normal. [:)]

Sorry to hear about the HK problem. I haven't had any issues with mine yet.. [:(]
Unfortunately the HK problem is common.. I have the same problme.. brought to the them several times.. they even replaced the speaker.. and ya know what.. it still does it.. it has to do with the Pannel, not the speaker... as for the Lights.. that's normal...