Newbie questions

So Cal
Hey All,

I currently own a 2000 X5 and love it. Between my wife and I it is our only car, and we are starting to need two. I've been doing a LOT of test driving lately, and the choices have basically come down to the Audi S4 and the 335i (or xi, test driving that Monday). If you can, please answer as many questions as you want.

1.) How is iDrive? Does it start to make sense after a while?
a.) I currently have a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 in my X5 and I LOVE it. If anyone knows, does it compare?
b.) How is the iPod integration? Will it play videos from my video iPod?
c.) Can it be hacked to play dvd's while driving? I did it to my Z1 and have never used the feature, but I like having it just in case

2.) One thing that I LOVE about the S4 is quattro. I take a turn in that thing and it just sticks. My X5 does the same thing (AWD). The 335i that I just drove squealed like a stuck pig around a corner, and I'm not used to that. That is the sole reason the Audi is still on my list. Will the xi fix that, or is the BMW AWD system in the sedans just not worth it?

3.) For those that hang on these boards often, what would you say some common issues that you see coming up are? Anything significant?

4.) I am in NO hurry to buy this car. I'm on a consulting gig now, that ends in June. At that point I should have a hefty down payment ready to go. I also have a planned 3 week vacation to Europe in December of 08. I'm VERY interested in European Delivery. Since I'm going to be there anyway in December, I was thinking about doing ED. How long does it take to get the car back to the states after you pick it up in Munich?

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the help.
I did ED on my 330cic, it's great. If you are going to be over there anyway, it's a perfect time to do it. After you return it to shipping site, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for the car to get to the port in Bremenhaven, Germany, on a ship and to the east coast. Add another 1 - 2 weeks for the west coast.