E30 M3

Hey guys, ive been looking for an e30 for a long time and I found a sweet lookin m3 for $6500, quikc overview heres some pics

Ill try to keep the server up but its on my home connection because my main server at work went down..


The car has 206k on it, but the engine was rebuilt at 165k and the BMWCCA guy who did it said he was amazed at the conditoin of the engine and said it was better than new when he was done. The guy sounds very knowledgeable and changed all the fluids once a year. Sounds like he took REALLY good care of it. The car has 2 sets of wheels, one for summer, one for winter.

Here what the problems are

A/C is blown (he cut the belt for it)
ONLY rust is a small dent that started to rust but was ground off and primed
There is a small tranny leak at a top seal that leaks a couple drops after driving
Front spolier needs a repaint

So on to my questions, I know e30s pretty well, is there any special m3 things I should look for when buying? Also is 6500 a good price?

I forgot to mention the steering rack was recently replaced