e30 m3

Long Island
I was reading some information about the bmw e30 m3 and I got a little confused. Can somesome share some information about the evo I and evo II and evo III e30 m3s. Also I was reading that there was two types of engines put into the e30 m3s. I also read about an e30 m3 convertible. Any information on this stuff would be of help. Thank you

Also I was curious if you can buy a Alpina B10 Biturbo Motor and put it into an e30.

Thanks [?|]
Toronto, Canada
Well, I do know that there were less than 800 M3 Cabrios ever made (hand made), and I want one.

The Evo I was different from the "regular" M by having 220bhp(as opposed to 200), bigger front splitter, and a double rear wing. The Evo II was a lightened up Evo I with different cams, pistons, lightweight flywheel and a taller final drive gear. A little bit faster. Then there was an Evo Sport; a bit faster with it's 2.5L, aka Evo III, with an adjustable rear spoiler, and some sweet seats. That is the limit of my knowledge about the badging of E30 M3's.

I don't know if you can put an Alpina B10 biturbo in an E30, but I bet you could.