cigarette lighter adapter?!?!

i have a radar detector but why doesnt the power go off when i turh the engine off? will it go off after a certain time or do i have to turn it on and off everytime i start and turn the car off?
I have a cell phone charger hooked up at all times and the red light never goes away. Therefore, I agree with Wadula, I don't think it's ever off. I wouldn't worry about it since it's not like leaving your lights on or anything...
it was on in my car for a week once. the bat was dead afterwards.....okay it was a week, but it pissed me off big time that i forgot to unplug that little sucker.
Yeah, I have that same problem with my radar detector. At first, when I was using the cigarette lighter, it was not turning off when I turned my car off. When I was hard-wiring it to my sunroof motor, I expected it to turn on/off when my car was on/off, but the damn radar still stays on !! [?|] Oh well, I don't mind turning it on and off, I guess I've gotten used to it...
I have notice that the cigarette lighter is powered on all the time in my 2001 325Ci also. I hard wired my Escort 8500 into the power line for my Universall Remote Control wiring as it is powered thur the key switch. It works fine and now the radar detector is only on when I start the car.
back home in the bimmer the wiring is to the ignition lock. works just fine, too. only thing funny is when i use the high beams the detector goes of for a fracture and reboots....and i haven't got the slightest idea why![confused]