Can i have a 19" 19x8.5 Rim on my 92 325i?

Guys can a 19" 19x8.5 rim fit my 325I "92 or will it be too big and rub on my body and stuff? Do i need extra modifications like new springs, shocks and shit?
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I think they should fit.... a friend of mine has a 2003 330 Ci, and he put 19's on his car with a 2 inch drop. I know your car is older, but i would think they would fit on ur car also.
if you're not lowered,you should be fine.however,i have 235/35/19 tires all around,and i had the rear fenders rolled because they were scraping back i only have the stock sport package suspension [rolleyes]


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Yep...they will fit....but they will hit hard. They look nice....but your ride will suffer. I chose the 17 inch over my stock 15 inch. Could have went 18 but the 17 is perfect for me. If you have some bad roads.....stay away from 18 or 19's. Just my 2 cents...they do look nice though. Takes a bit more torque to spin the bigger rims, remember that.[hihi]
i have 18x8 on the front and 18x9 in the rear...on bad bumps it whip is also lower about 2" that's a big factor...a friend and i switched rims and i had 19x8 on for about an far as the fitting issue...they'll fit...driving was bad..unless your on smooth roads with no bumps. so if you don't lower it should be slam's gonna be a trailor queen