99 328 - dragging clutch

I have a 99 328 w/77K miles. It seems to have developed a dragging clutch. It doesn't shift as smoothly as it used to with more resistance than normal getting it into gear. And when stopped, if I depress the clutch and then put it into first gear I hear what sounds like a clunk from the diff as the slack is taken up. This make me think the clutch is not disengaging completely. Also, if I park on a slope and leave the car in gear to help hold the car, then apply the handbrake and press the clutch in, it's not easy to get the car out of gear and I can feel the car lurch forward slightly, again indicating that the clutch isn't disengaging completely. Any thoughts? It's been flushed recently but there was no discernible change. I'm using Redline D4 ATF in the transmission.
Yeah, it seems like the clutch just is not disengaging completely. Perhaps take it to a BMW dealership? Also, make sure you push the clutch in all the way...not just to that "neutral area", ya know what I'm talking about??? Make sure the clutch is completely pressed in....
I always go right to the floor with the pedal. The engage/disengage zone seems to be about 1-1.5" from all the way up.

The dealer has said nothing's wrong be that's rubbish! The car is now out of warranty and used to shift real nice with just 2 fingers required. Those days are gone. [:(] Changing the fluid from the standard fill to Redline changed nothing.
Ok, I am first time user so let me get down to business.

I have a similar problem with my 199 328i, 65k. Went to the dealer with same response "nothing wrong". However, I have noted one difference, when the car is at a complete stop, the "thunk" is not there. Its only noticeable in slow speed around 10 - 30 mph. I am bringing mine in again to the dealer, extended warranty still in effect.