2008 BMW M3 Sedan review


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"BMW raises the performance benchmark once again with the introduction of the 2008 M3 Sedan. Sharing the M3 Coupe’s high-revving 414-horsepower V8 and balanced chassis that is designed to be "faster than its engine", the motorsports arm of the German auto maker, BMW M GmbH, is pleased to offer the most powerful, highest-performing M3 ever with four doors..."

This is from a new review on 2008 BMW M3 Sedan, from Top Speed. It includes info on the design, safety and performance of the model, as well as other features. Also available is a video and wallpaper / photo gallery.

Here is the link to the full article:
2008 BMW M3 Sedan - Top Speed

And the link to the picture gallery:
2008 BMW M3 Sedan wallpapers and high resolution photos - Top Speed