1990 325i slips out of 1st gear

I recently purchased a 1990 BMW 325i 5-speed...and I have been driving it for a few days now and it occasionally slips out of first gear...at first, it kind of startled me...I was in the process of making a left turn with oncoming traffic and it slipped so I had to regroup and get it back in gear and complete my turn. This kinda made me think of the possibility of getting into accident...I want to know if the problem is with the clutch or should I simply change out the shifter????? Getting into each gear is also burden, as it takes quite an effort at times to stick it into gear, whether it be 1st or second or 3rd....this is my first BMW and my first car I have ever got pre-1996....should I be aware of any potential problems down the line........
fixing a tranny

well son ther could be a few things and they may be simple or very complicated and possibly expensive, now my first thought is the shift linkage could be bent or not adjusted properly take a look at it the other thing is the tranny itself could be slipping as in the syncros could be letting go or u are missing teeth on gears but it sounds like a bent linkage,dont worry im pretty sure its not the clutch. Is it hard to get into reverse or really easy anyway ide like to help u so let me know


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Hm, for some reason i dont think you're going to like what will have to be fixed [:(]

The problem is the kind where it will either be a 5 dollar repair, or a 3000 dollar repair


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My '88 was hard to get into gear for a few months then it kept sticking in gear and dragging me forward in traffic, "not a pleasent experiance[rolleyes] . The prob was the clutch fluid pipes leaking so i had the master and slave cylinder with all the pipes replaced and this solved the problem.
you ahve liol bishings for your shift plate.. they are above the tranny.. they keep eveything aligned.. u may need to replace them. they become oil soaked and break apart (as they r rubber surroinded by metal) go to a tranny shop and have them diagnose it. i think youll need to drop the tranny to replace them.. and thats like 300 labor..