Solo Racing & Preparation?

what do you mean? like track events and such?

hmm, i haven't done any of those, but if i did i would.....

run around, and try to balance my tires when hot, or adjust camber for which ever track. in terms of mental preparation i would just think of how much money everything is, and then following that thought i would think..... "F MONEY, I"M GOING RACING!!!! whoooohoooo"

some of the worlds best F1 drivers, and rally drivers visualize every turn for the entire race. when they are going through a turn physically, they are mentally 3 turns ahead.

hmmm, thats all i have now, but if you refine your post i may add some more.[:D]
re: Solo Race Prep

Hi Dave,

I'm off to a solo I-style event in Rockton this weekend, so I think it's a great question. I think I have a pretty low key approach. I race my daily driver. I drive my car to the track -- this wekend my wife and son are coming out with me. I have a set of wheels tires for the track, but I hate track side tire changes and I compete in a street tire class, so I drive to the track on my "race rubber." Preparation goes more or less like this:

1 month before -- if I even think I might need brake pads, or fluid, place an order with Porterfield for pads and Motul RBF 600

1 week before -- if it's been more than one track event or 3,000 miles, then Mobil 1 oil change and brake bleed (I'm lazy, so my mechanic does this). Check pads and if they're more than half worn they get changed out. Black Hawk Farms Racepark is MURDER on brakes.

2 days before -- Swap to track rubber; check tire pressure. If no oil change then I double check oil and other fluids (my mechanic is a racer so he knows what to look for).

1 day before -- buy "track snacks" and gatorade. Drive to event (oh - did I's 400miles away!) Try to put car through tech inspection the night before, if possible. Check into hotel and try to get a good nights sleep (I sleep lousy before a track day!)
Day of event -- try to show up early. Get everything loose out of the car. Set up race harness (I've got a 5 point in the car). Pull the "cork" out of my add-on brake ducts (this is my old car -- the new 330i PP that I just took delivery of won't need this step as the ducts are built in and properly baffled...yippee!). Check lug nuts for tightness, adjust tire presure to track specs. Relax, visualize the track, and wait until they call me for my time on track. And remember that I'm doing this for fun! Don't take it toooo seriously. Having said that, I keep a notebook, and usually have a few goals I set for myself, and maybe some different things I want to try to work on. A bit "Type A", I guess.

Relax between sessions, take tire pressures and adjust as necessary. Drink lots of fluids. Update my notes -- what did I try different from last time, how did the car perform; how did I perform. And talk to's amazing what you can pick up from your fellow racers.

There are some great resources on the web, in terms of longer-term prep. One of my favorites can be found by Googling on ""

And yes, I love "practicing" with GT3-ASpec for Playstation2. I don't know if it makes me a better racer, but I do notice that I make the same mistakes in the game that I make in the real world!

BOn Trak is absolutely right - that's where you want to be when you become a "regular". [:D]

It sounds to me that Dave's a Novice. I wouldn't worry too much about race rubber and hardcore upgrades just yet. Have you done any Solo II or DE events, Dave?

Check the essentials: brakes, fluids, tires, engine, tranny and suspension to make sure they are in order. Since it is your first time, you will NOT be racing that day. You will be learning. [:)]

Yes, I'm a novice. So is my wife. Unfortunately, I have several upgrades that are making me a spectator right now.

rt ankle: 4 breaks, 2 plates, buncha screws. And my ankle has a couple of wounds that are healing slowly. Just graduated from crutches to a cane!

The reason for the post is that my wife has just newly taken over a 330 coupe. It's an '02, M-Sports package, 5-speed, Dinan (Software, CAI, exhaust, STB)

She entered her 1st event in this car, and did extremely well.

We headed out on Sunday for the first time. Previously, we had both driven a Solo event in another city in a Miata 10AE. And we both took an advanced driving course with Ian Law Racing presented by the Trillium Miata Club, Toronto.

The day went well. She looked very smooth, and shaved a lot of time off in the 6 runs she took. Proud of her!

Fun car! Glad she found it.

Ooh, sorry to hear that! [:0] I hope you get well soon!

I have put a set of track tips on my website, under the Track section. If you want to have some kind of reference, you can check it out.

follow the link

Hope this helps..

330's make great track cars indeed. [:D]
Nice! That's where these cars need to be driven more often. [:D]
Thanks everyone for your help. We're headed out again tomorrow. It's supposed to rain some....

We learned a little bit last time out. My leg was a we'll take 2 cars tomorrow. And 2 chairs; one wasn't enough. Saw people running the Solo2 course on bicycles before the event. So the mountain bike is in the back of the little truck already. Little faster than a walk around.

And I'll take my helmet so that I can sit as a passenger. See whether the leg passes tech inspection (2 plates, buncha screws; at least the cast is off.)

See if I can get some good pictures too, if it doesn't rain.

Take care
Dave L