BMW M3 1993 And BMW 2.3 M52 ENGINE


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hello dear users of this forum...
i`m from Country Georgia.. i have Car BMW and I Need Some help.... from you offcourse if you can.. now i`ll try Explain my problem and you try help me pleace... P.S Sorry My english not Good bcouse i teach it by Myself..

The Problem is That
Old Time My friend have Two Car
BMW 1993 M3 3.0
BMW 1997 M52 2.3

he Make Exchange of Engine and gearbox...

We Put M3 Engine In BMW 1997 year.. and here is Everything OK now .. and its working Good...

but other car have the problem

we cant make Power UP the old M3 Car.. here we put 2.3 M52 ENGINE..
the problem in the Cables OF EVS MEMORY...

here is no data cable tu turn on EVS.. and Imobilaser....

how we can Power UP the 2.3 M52 Eengine? BMW ???

pleace if someone can help me ...i`m now like this smile [?|] i don`t know How to make my Car works :(

best Regards from Amiran Tomaradze From Georgia.!!!